Alan Heath

Alan Heath

Alan Heath

Alan was born in London, UK on 17th March 1933. An engineer by profession, Alan spent 14 years in Zambia where he collected widely. Encouraged by the late Elliot Pinhey, then Keeper of Entomology at the National Museum, Zimbabwe, Alan wrote his first scientific paper in 1977 and embarked on a book of Zambian butterflies which was published in 2002. Following a move to Cape Town in 1984, Alan focused on the evolutionary aspects of African lycaenid butterflies, their morphology and ant-associated life histories. Other interests include hiking and a passion for classical music. He now divides his time between South Africa and the United Kingdom.


Alan is currently studying the morphology of different butterfly groups to infer phylogenetic relationships and to compare with phylogenies inferred from molecular sequence data at the MCZ laboratory. Further research into life histories is ongoing including lycaenid associations with ants and with Hemiptera.


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Alan Heath

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Alan Heath

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